Java YZ Windows

What is Java YZ Windows?

It is a Java implementation of YZ-Windows, a lightweight general purpose windowing/graphics API. See the project Overview for details. Woodley is responsible for the basic design and the C implementation, although Darrick object-orientated it a bit to make it work in Java.

Can I see it in action?

Yes, click here for a live demonstration of two games in your browser.

Where can I get a copy?

Look at the SourceForge project page (offsite) for the latest release.

See it in Action

If you're interested in seeing what JYZ actually looks like, you can go to the new screen shots page.


The JYZ applications page describes several user applications written for the YZ-Windows specification in Java.

The Specification

We implement a superset of the yz 0.3.5 API. It is available yz-spec-0.3.5.pdf (149K).


Look at the features page for details.

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