Disk Speed Graphs

Ever want to generate graphs of disk throughput for every part of a disk? BogoDisk does that--it will read data off a hard disk (or any device/file/pipe, for that matter) and generate a datafile showing how much speed you got for a given position. Now of course, one can feed it /dev/zero as input--but this is boring. Feed it a disk, and you can plot bandwidth graphs and latency graphs. The output can be had in CSV format, for easy plotting in gnuplot or Excel or whatever you use!

Note that there is no way to compensate for OS overhead; although the computer is many times faster than the disk, please run this program on an otherwise unloaded system for more accurate results.

Download the source here: bogodisk 0.6.10 (15K). bogodisk, bogoseek, and maxiops are all in the same source distribution since v0.6.0.

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