Java Class Browser

This is my Java class browser. Given a class file, it will dissect it into its various components, including constant pools, general class properties, a list of implemented interfaces, all fields in the class (type, access priviledges, attributes), all methods in the class (signatures, access priviledges, byte code, throwable exceptions), and attributes of the class.

This program involves many classes, and therefore, has already been jarred. Therefore, you will have to run some special procedures to invoke the program. To run this program under Java2 and later, simply type java -jar JBrowser. . Java 1.1.x and earlier is a bit more involved; you must have the Swing 1.1 classes in your classpath. Then, type jre -mx16M -ms10M -cp JBrowser.jar JBrowser.

Download a jar binary: JBrowser.jar (57K) or the source: (23K).

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