Welcome to Darrick's showcase of past works and productions! At the moment, this museum is slated to hold the old Douglass Hall Renovation articles, as well as previous incantations of this site. Also featured are old projects. Just be warned that most of these exhibits are free-standing productions and do not really adhere to the overall site's look and feel. Pretty much everything in here is a museum of things that I once worked on and are now long dead.

Page Description
Douglass Hall Renovation Articles written about the renovation of an old mansion on the Menlo campus and the 1930's-era artifacts found within.
Biotech Project Proposal During my senior year of high school, I was in a Biotechnology research class, where we were to propose and execute experiments in a laboratory. These slides are the proposal that Phil Koretz and I submitted in early January.
What is Chaos? A Chaotic Production Eons ago in the Mesozoic Age (1997), Blake, Nilly and I created this web presentation about chaos for Mr. Hornbein's Analytic Geometry class.
CJCL 1998 Convention In 1998, Menlo hosted the California JCL Convention. I happened to be in charge of the registration procedures and the web site. This is what we came up with.
Darrick's Developer Domain This is the what this site once looked like. Back in 1999, when DHTML and other snazzy effects were all the rage, there were JavaScript powered menus and all sorts of amusing window chrome. Unfortunately, it was also a pain to maintain and get to work properly, so Darrick dropped it. However, it's been preserved here for all eternity.
Darrick's Original Site My first website! In retrospect, this page is ridiculously graphics laden and the writing is quite amateurish. But what can I say, I was in junior high school at the time, and I knew nothing about HTML. Not to mention that at the time, Netscape had introduced these cool new "table" extensions to HTML.
UCSDementia During my second year of college, I participated in my roommate's comedy show UCSDementia. Mainly, we did comic sketches and the occasional small play, although we put out a hoax documentary and declared the show dead.

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