Whee. This site hasn't been updated in eons. A BogoMIPS calculator has been written. (12/2/2001)

Arrived at College
I've arrived! I spent quite a bit of Welcome Week rearranging my entire schedule, alas, but now I'm virtually a sophomore! Anyway, I'm finally getting settled in, visited the beach, and am ever so slowly making new friends. I miss all the old ones! Anyway, those of you who are interested can examine my class schedule. (9/24/2000)

Off to College
Moo! I leave for college on Friday morning. Last bits of apache work: Zope 2.2.1, Squishdot 0.7.1, mod_ssl 2.6.6, OpenSSH 2.2.0p1. (9/12/2000)

Midsummer Update
Whoa...here it is, the last day of July...first batch of friends are leaving for college in 20 days. I'm not leaving until September 26th...but don't expect me to be on thibs a whole lot after that. UCSD has a notoriously slow ResNet (thank you, Napster/iMesh/scour!)

mod_ssl up to 2.6.5...OpenSSH up to 2.1.1p4...mods perl & random are gone...Poll 0.71...

A Java ntalk client is in the works and slowly getting developed on weekends. So far I can send request to the talk daemon and establish (very badly piped) communications...if the callee uses telnet. But this is a 0.0000001 quality nonrelease. Oh...wrote a simple PHP photo album for thibs. (7/31/2000)

The History of Waffles
Some rabid Slashdot reader posted this thing in response to a poll about waffles. Very, very strange. Very nerdy, too. Disks == waffles? I guess... Read more. (1/16/2000)

Biotech Project Proposal
This is a web presentation of my project proposal for my Biotech class. Next semester, I will be optimizing a PCR reaction to detect polymorphisms in the Milton gene of Drosophila. Hopefully, we'll be able to find a correlation between these genes (which control the operation and construction of the fly's eye) and human chromosomes. Read more. (1/14/2000)

Search Engines
Made it so that you can bang the Enter key in the "Phrase" field and invoke the search. (1/14/2000)
Added the Free Online Dictionary of Computing to jSearch! (1/14/2000)
Added the Internet Movie Database to jSearch! (1/1/19100 <smirk>)

Bug Fixes, Future Plans
The Internet Printer and the BackTalk Script Parser have been updated to reflect Menlo's recent printer changes. I've fixed a few bugs in JPeriod; development of the XML-ized reconfigurable version continues. Eventually, I hope to make it so that users can add more information to the atom database and then add custom property viewers to the program WITHOUT a recompilation of the program. (10/8/99)

Graduation Countdown
This counter really belongs in a small table that floats around the text on this page, doesn't it... (12/15/99)