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Yosemite, 2005

At the end of September 2005, I travelled down to San Diego to witness the grand opening of the new CS building at UCSD. Having seen Brian, Jason, Derrick and Robin in one day, Jason and I then proceeded north to Merced and later Yosemite to go camping for a couple of days.

Page Description
Panoramas Stitched panoramas from various parts of this trip.
The Stars Outside Merced Stargazing on G Street, a few miles east of Merced, CA.
Biking Around Yosemite Riding mountain bikes around the bottom of Yosemite Valley with Jason and Steph.
Yosemite in the Morning The valley in the morning as we head out to Hetch Hetchy.
Foresta Foresta: A huge meadow of dead trees on the way to CA-120.
Hetch Hetchy The wonderfully serene and beautiful Hetch Hetchy Reservoir.
Yosemite Valley in the Evening Returning to the valley, 16:20 - 18:00.
Campground (at Night) Our campground at night.
A Foraging Raven Tuesday morning, a blue raven stopped by the neighbors' campsite to eat their food and annoy the snot out of them. We packed all our food in the containers, so the bird ignored us.
To Glacier Point Heading southwards out of the valley to Glacier Point and Wawona.
Glacier Point Amazing views of Yosemite Valley and Little Yosemite Valley from Glacier Point @ 7,200ft.
Exiting via Wawona Heading out of Yosemite through the southern exit, along CA-41 out to some town west of Bass Lake, then north on CA-49 to Mariposa, and finally along CA-140 west to Merced.
U.C. Merced Arriving back in Merced (and quite smelly, too) and Steph's tour of U.C. Merced.

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