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O'ahu, June 2010

I spent a week wandering around the island of Oahu, Hawaii in early June 2010. Jason came out for the first four days, and my family met me for the second four. During that time we drove all over the island, I went snorkeling and gliding, and saw a lot of unusual plants! June 3-10, 2010.

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Dole Plantation Pineapples, bananas, papayas, and other tropical plants at the Dole plantation, 4 June 2010.
Kaena Point State Park We try (twice!) to see Kaena Point and fail due to horribly bumpy dirt roads. 4 and 6 June 2010.
Sansei Sushi Mr. Mel Barsos suggested that we try Sansei Sushi, so we did. It was delicious! 4 June 2010.
Diamond Head Crater The inside of Diamond Head Crater and ascent of Diamond Head Trail. 5 June 2010.
Valley of the Temples The Valley of the Temples Cemetery near Kaneohe has a replica of the Byōdō-in Buddhist temple in Japan. 5 June 2010.
Hālona Blowhole The Hālona Blowhole, along Highway 72. 5 June 2010.
Waikiki Aquarium Along the beach is the Waikiki Aquarium, run by the University of Hawaii. 6 June 2010.
Snorkeling in Hanauma Bay My uncle, cousins, and I went snorkeling in Hanauma Bay. 7 June 2010.
USS Missouri Tour of the USS Missouri in Pearl Harbor. 8 June 2010.
Pacific Aviation Museum The Pacific Aviation Museum on Ford Island. 8 June 2010.
Glider Rides at Dillingham Field Dillingham Field near Wahiawa is host to several glider companies. My family decided to go for some glider rides, so I went with them. 9 June 2010.
Nighttime in Waikiki Waikiki Beach after the sun sets. There were fireworks on the nights of June 4 and 9.
Honolulu Airport Heading home, 10 June 2010.
Stuff in Town Assorted photographs of Honolulu, Waikiki, and Kaneohe that didn't fit anywhere else.

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