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San Diego

These are pictures that were taken in or around the University of California, San Diego, where I lived before moving to Portland and acquiring a digital camera. However, I have been back there quite a few times since then, and thus new albums continue to be put up in this space.

Page Description
Beach, Border, and Zoo Torrey Pines State Beach, the Mexican Border, and the San Diego Zoo, around Halloween 2010.
Anza Borrego Wildflowers, March 2010 Jason and I went on a quick trip to Anza Borrego desert in March 2010 to see the wildflowers while they were still blooming.
April 2007 Trip A Viennese ball, and exploration of the desert and the Salton Sea, 20-24 April 2007
CS Building Dedication Unveiling of the new CS building at UC San Diego, 30 Sept 2005
June 2005 Trip to San Diego in June 2005 for Brian's graduation.
Spring 2004 Hanging out with Steph between March and July 2004.
Dorm Room, etc. My freshman year dorm room.
Flava House 2000 UCSD Freshman year dorm house experiences

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