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Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah, June 2011

Derrick, Jason, and I took a long road trip around four western states in June 2011. We visited many different national parks and wildlife areas, saw quite a diverse variety of landscapes and bioregions, and had a great time on vacation. June 10-19, 2011.

Page Description
Arrival in Denver Our arrival in Denver, June 10th.
Air Force Academy The Air Force Academy, near Colorado Springs, June 11th.
Garden of the Gods Park Garden of the Gods (Sandstone Rock) Park, near Colorado Springs.
Colorado Springs and Woodland Park The towns of Colorado Springs and Woodland Park, both in Colorado.
Florissant Fossil Beds The Florissant Fossil Beds, just outside of Florissant, Colorado, June 12th.
Florissant to Great Sand Dunes National Park Travelling to Great Sand Dunes National Park.
Great Sand Dunes National Park Great Sand Dunes National Park, near Alamosa, Colorado.
Alamosa to Farmington Driving from Alamosa to Farmington, New Mexico, June 13th.
Farmington, Shiprock, and Cortez Around Farmington, Ship Rock, and off to Cortez.
Four Corners The Four Corners Monument, atop Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah.
Mesa Verde National Park Mesa Verde National Park.
Bottom of Canyonlands National Park The south side of Canyonlands National Park.
Moab, Utah Miscellaneous from Moab, Utah, June 14th.
Arches National Park, Sunset Sunset at Arches National Park.
Rim of Canyonlands National Park The northern side of Canyonlands National Park, June 15th.
Arches National Park Tons of red sandstone blocks in Arches National Park.
Moab to Louisville Driving from Moab to Louisville, June 16th.
Mt. Evans Mt. Evans, the site of the highest road in North America. We drove it.
Rocky Mountain National Park Rocky Mountain National Park, June 17th.
Exploring Denver Roaming around Denver, June 18th.

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