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Eastern Oregon Pictures

Over the Labor Day weekend in 2005, I decided that the time was ripe for an end of summer road trip to see the desert in Eastern Oregon. I didn't really feel like doing a road trip by myself, so I called up Jason and convinced him to fly up here at the last minute and go with me. He arrived Saturday afternoon; after a quick trip down to Hawthorne that evening, we packed and set off on a 1,040-mile trip on Sunday. We saw the Columbia Gorge, lots of desert, ghost towns, fossil beds, and Boise, Idaho.

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Columbia Gorge, Eastbound We leave Portland and head eastbound on I-84 towards The Dalles.
US97 to Shaniko Driving southwards on US97 from the I-84/Columbia River to a Ghost Town.
Shaniko The ghost town of Shaniko, OR. Population: 25 and an old car museum.
Desert Outside Antelope Heading south and east from Shaniko, OR to Antelope, OR on the way to John Day Fossil Beds. Note the spectacular high desert scenery out in the middle of nowhere.
John Day Fossil Beds One of the three John Day fossil beds in Central Oregon.
Eastward on US-26 Towards Ontario Driving eastward on US-26 towards Brogan Hill and Ontario, OR to sleep.
Brogan Hill at Night Nighttime pictures on Brogan Hill. Almost no city light from anywhere!
Boise, Idaho Boise, the state capitol of Idaho. This is the easternmost point of this road trip.
Idaho's Countryside Backroads heading out of Boise, ID: 55, 52, 72 and 73. Lots of small family farms here.
I-84 Mountains Mountains on the far eastern side of Oregon, including Wallowa-Whitman Nat'l. Forest. Westward from Ontario, OR to Pendleton, OR.
I-84 Flatlands Flatlands on west I-84 between Pendleton, OR and Boardman, OR.
Columbia Gorge Westbound Continuing westbound from Boardman, OR to Hood River, OR. There are some awesome golden sunset photos in this set.
Ice Cave in Washington Ice cave in Washington that we (abortively) visited back in February. Pretty pink pictures of mountains too.

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